What is Physical Therapy?

According to the Spanish Society of Physiotherapists, this discipline is: "the group of methods, actions and techniques, which, via the application of physical means, cure, prevent and adjust disabled people or those affected by psychosomatic, somatic and organic disorders, or those who wish to maintain an appropriate level of health."

In conclusion, the function of physical therapy is to prevent, treat and cure illnesses and also to help people to adapt to their environment if any after effects or disabilities remain. Also, it can support otherwise healthy people in preventing illnesses in various ways.

Some of the methods used to aid recovery include:


  • Kinesitherapy: based on the movement of the body.


  • Thermotherapy: employs heat.


  • Cryotherapy: cold is a therapeutic element.


  • Electrotherapy: employs electricity as the method of treatment.


  • Phototherapy: employs ultraviolet radiation.


  • Heliotherapy: makes use of the sun's natural radiation as a form of treatment.


  • Hydrotherapy: water is applied externally.


  • Massotherapy: application of massages.


  • Manual Therapy:  The application of manual techniques aside from massage.



Physical Therapy is a Health Care career and, as such, requires a degree in Physical Therapy.