Electrotherapy involves a wide range of techniques that help with the process of rehabilitation. These methods include:


  • Analgesic current: currents such as TENS, Interferential, Megaa, etc. They are used to alleviate pain in a localised area of the body.


  • Toning and muscle strengthening currents: currents such as ENS, Interferentials, quadrangular, rectangular, Megaa, etc. Used to tone or strengthen muscles or entire muscle groups.


  • Galvanism and Iontophoresis: galvanic current. Used to improve the trophism of an area (galvanism) and for the localised application of certain medications (iontoforesis).


  • Ultrasound and ultrasonophoresis: Ultrasounds help reduce inflammation and also allow the application of drugs in gel form (ultrasonophoresis or sonophoresis).


  • Magnetotherapy: generator of therapeutic magnetic fields. It is applied in the case of inflammations, aches and pains and degenerative disorders: tendinitis, edema, arthritis, arthrosis… to suit the symptoms. Its main use is for fractures and fissures of the bone, due to its ability to accelerate the knitting together of the bone at a higher rate than normal ossification.